Månedsarkiv: juni 2015


Healing forces

Ok, I need some serious advice about what I am supposed to do for my summer holiday. The thing is, me and my long term girlfriend just split up two months ago, and all the plans we had for this summer naturally has been cancelled. It was the best decision, splitting up that is, but the thing is, I have no idea what to ”do with myself” this summer. We used to do stuff together such as travel, go to a festival with all of our friends, and go to her mother’s summerhouse. This summer I won’t be doing any of those things, and now I am feeling a little gutted, since I don’t have any plans for the summer now. I am feeling like maybe do something radical, get far away and get a lot of different experiences, so that I can get my mind a little bit away from all the things that has been happening here. I have actually started looking at Greenland tours, since going to Greenland is a lifelong dream for me. There are surprisingly good options for different Greenland tours depending on how long you want to be there, what you want to see and when you want to go for. I think the vast nature and blue skies will do me good and maybe help me heal a little more.