Way too warm

Needless to say that we are having a crazy heatwave in Denmark these days. Outside the sun is shining and it probably 30 degrees Celsius, while the water is approaching the 20 degrees Celcius. And have we not been praying for weather like this for months? Now that it is here, is may seem weird that I am now sitting here, complaining about the weather, thinking that it is way too hot. Because that is all I am doing at the moment. Moaning and complaining about the warm weather. It probably correlates with the fact that I don’t have a vacation until mid-August. I am just sitting in an office, sweating and dreaming about a vacation. Now I am seriously contemplating going on holiday to Greenland, where it should be a bit colder than here. I know it is also summer in Greenland, but it must be just a tiny bit colder than this. If I don’t travel to Greenland I may have to throw myself into ice cubes at home in the bath tub. My boyfriend would probably think I was a loony if I did that, but I would not care, I would just be cold and happy.

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